Learning Torah in Yiddish?

Yiddish is not an independent language. It is the Jewish dialect of the German language. The German language has hundreds of dialects, and Yiddish is just one of them.

A person who knows only German can easily understand Yiddish. On the other hand, a person who knows only Hebrew cannot understand anything in Yiddish. Many great Rabbis agree that the Germans are the descendants of Amalek. Therefore, Yiddish is the language of Amalek.

As shocking as it sounds, the fact is that Yiddish is based on the language of Amalek. Amalek belongs to the three lowest levels of impurity that can never be elevated to holiness. Therefore, no matter how many holy Rabbis learn Torah in Yiddish, it can never be elevated to holiness. If a Rabbi, by mistake, happens to eat something non-kosher, would that elevate the non-kosher food to become kosher?

Some have argued that the inclusion of so many Hebrew words in the language elevates it to holiness. Others argue that the use of the language for Torah study elevates it to holiness. These arguments are about as valid (or absurd) as the argument that adding kosher ingredients into a non-kosher soup will render the entire soup kosher.

Others have argued that Yiddish is THE language of the Jewish nation. This argument, in a single sentence, instantly excludes millions of Sefardic Jews from the Jewish nation. Does anyone really believe that those who don't speak Yiddish are not Jews, or, perhaps, inferior Jews?

We have such a strong obligation to wipe out the memory of Amalek - why are we still working so hard to perpetuate it instead? Even if we say that "we didn't know" that German, with all its dialects, is the language of Amalek - this might have applied before the holocaust. Now, after the holocaust, there is absolutely no more room for doubt. Because of the holocaust, many Jews would no longer use a product made-in-Germany. Why is it then, that so many Jews don't mind using a language made-in-Germany? The memory of Amalek needs to be wiped out until no remnants are left; its language, with all its dialects, included.

Great Rabbis have taught us that when a Jew learns Torah in a language of another nation, that nation gains power that it could not have otherwise gained. Hundreds of years of learning Torah in Europe, in Yiddish, have given the nation of Amalek a tremendous boost of power. And, since Amalek is all about destruction, the power they gained is the power of destruction. Unfortunately, by 1939, they gained so much destructive power that they were able to drag the world into the worst catastrophe in the history of mankind. Ironically, they have also murdered six million Jews, the very same Jews who gave them the power to do what they did.

Practically all the Jews murdered by the Germans were Yiddish-speaking Jews. Very few of the holocaust victims did not speak Yiddish. Was this God's punishment or revenge for giving the nation of Amalek so much power?

Our forefathers were redeemed from Mitzraim because they did not change their names and did not change their language. They retained their Hebrew names and retained their Hebrew language. They did not learn Torah in the Egyptian language and did not give their children Egyptian names. What's wrong with the name "Ze-ev"? Why does it have to be "Ze-ev Wolf"? How can we expect God to redeem us from our current Gallut while we do learn Torah in the language of Amalek and do give our children German/Amalek based names?

Many Lubavitcher Yeshivas all around the world have already stopped teaching Torah in Yiddish, in accordance with answers by the Lubavitcher Rebbe who said:
"Tell the parents who want everything taught in Yiddish that they most probably also want their children to grow up to be shomrei Torah u’mitzvos (Torah observant Jews). If their children will be taught in Yiddish, which is a strange language to them, they may develop distaste to everything they learn. This will affect them in the future development of their personal Yiddishkait (Judaism).  It is appropriate to speak to them in Yiddish during their playtime, recess, breaks, or when telling them a story as this will help expand their familiarity with the language; however, not when teaching them formal Yiddishkait subjects."

"I am not for .... the Yeshivos who are very enthusiastic about forcing the people to teach all subjects in Yiddish, Gemara etc, I am not enthusiastic about it, we are spending a lot of time to learn a new language and after they have learned it, they have a language barrier, they cannot speak fluently, then are thinking in English, and it is a pity on the time loss, as I said before 'the building is burning!' "

It's about time that we learn that our obligation to wipe out the memory of Amalek is a real one, not just lip service. Are we ever going to learn anything from history? It's about time that we stop giving the nation of Amalek so much power. What else are we waiting for? When are we finally going to stop teaching and learning Torah in Yiddish?