Teach Me How to Be a Mentch

Don't teach me how to learn Gmara,
Teach me how to be a Mentch.

I don't want to be a Rav,
I want to be a businessman,
I don't want to turn the Torah
Into my commodity in trade.

I want to learn the Torah
As a guiding light for my daily life.
I want to know how to deal with people
With honesty and respect.
I want to know what to do
In difficult situations
Which come up from time to time.

I don't need to know
What Bracha to say
If on Succot day
I wake up at the top of a palm tree
Holding on to an uncut Lulav with my hand.
I promise you, I never will.
I also have a feeling
That you will neither.

I asked my Rabbi
What did he get tested on
When he was ordained as a Rav.
He told me many things
Which matter from time to time;
Not even one of them
Had anything to do with
How to be a Mentch.

Please my teacher, please again,
Teach me how to be a Mentch.